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We strongly encourage every Black child to read!

Tips and Tricks: Reading

We have a few strategies that will help unlock the reader in your child!


Activate prior knowledge to tap into what they already know.


Set up expectations based on their prior knowledge.


Clarifying which parts of the material they understand.


Asking and answering questions as you read the text.

Searching and Selecting

Defining words, terms, clarify misunderstanding, solve problems and gather information.


Retell the story in your own words.


Create a mental picture of what you are reading.

Tips and Tricks: Writing


Make writing Fun!

Create Writing Worksheets

Try Different Materials

Write Letters

Encourage Journaling

Create a Writing Space

Invest Time

Connect a Child's Interests

Model It

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Make Writing a Routine

Make it Part of Your Daily Routine

Praise Their Work

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Reading Opens Doors

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